MPs have started a campaign in Westminister to exclude the UK from EU moves to abolish standard-size British bread loaves.

So far, 16 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion, tabled by MP for Banbury Tony Baldry, in response to concerns raised by a constituent who works at Fine Lady Bakeries in Banbury. The Motion says the MPs believe that rules on the weight of pre-packaged bread are a valuable protection for consumers, as there is no guide price on bread. And it calls on government to support the Federation of Bakers (FoB) by seeking an exemption for bread under the Directive.

FoB director Gordon Polson told British Baker that the FoB was grateful for the support of the MPs, saying: "This will help raise awareness, but the decision will be taken in Europe, with a vote expected around the end of April or May."

In 2004, the European Commission proposed the abolition of national and Community rules determining sizes in which consumer staple products can be sold.