Gilberts Food Equipment has launched the Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer 11, which can slice tomatoes and onions to a uniform size within seconds for burgers, buffets, salads or sandwiches.

It features a new pre-tensioned changeable cartridge, with blades that stay correctly aligned and tightened, so there is no need for adjustment. Changing the cartridge can easily be completed by unskilled labour and therefore there is a minimum of downtime in the event of a blade snapping, says the company.

Manufactured from heavy-duty cast aluminium and stainless steel, the slicer is built to withstand frequent commercial use. It also has razor-sharp blades that cut with precision thanks to a self-lubricating track material, which resists the misalignment problems that can cause nicks and broken blades.

The slicer has an ergonomic handle and protective guards to improve user comfort and safety, while table stops ensure there is no slipping during use.