Pladis will reduce its McVitie’s Digestives pack sizes from 500g to 400g following a review of its portfolio.

The smaller pack sizes will hit shelves from the end of this month and will be the first change to McVitie’s Digestives in many years, according to the manufacturer.

Pladis will be making select changes to a proportion of its packs over the coming months and introduce new larger packs and a reduction in some pack sizes.

“The rising cost of ingredients and changes in the exchange rates means it has become more expensive to bake our products,” said Pladis UK’s managing director Nick Bunker.

“We work hard to drive efficiencies throughout our business to absorb cost increases, but occasionally, like many other businesses in these challenging times, we do need to make some adjustments.”

It is common practice, particularly in the confectionery market, to mitigate the effect of rising costs by reducing product sizes – although this often happens without the manufacturer announcing it.

Ingredients cost hikes have hit the baking industry hard in the past 18 months, with many suppliers increasing prices.

Pladis said it would continue to listen to consumers and work closely with retail and wholesale partners to shape the future of its product portfolio.