Sainsbury’s has revealed that its top-selling loaf is Kingsmill Square White Medium 800g, followed by Hovis Square Cut White 800g.

A top 10 list supplied by the supermarket also shows a wholemeal loaf in the line-up, as well as two breads “with bits” – Hovis Best of Both and Kingsmill Wholegrain & White.

Sainsbury’s top 10 plant bread best-sellers

1 Kingsmill Square White Medium 800g

2 Hovis Square Cut White 800g

3 Kingsmill Square White Thick 800g

4 Hovis Best of Both 800g

5 JS Basics White Medium 800g

6 JS Standard White Thick 800g

7 Warburtons Toastie White Sliced 800g

8 Kingsmill Wholegrain & White Medium 800g

9 Warburtons Wholemeal Medium 400g

10 Warburtons Medium White Sliced 800g