Peter’s Pies has received approval from Dame Shirley Bassey in a new partnership with the Noah’s Ark Appeal.

The Welsh baker, part of Peter’s Food Service, will launch a new range of pies on 14 November that will feature the charity’s logo and raise money from product sales for the Children’s Hospital for Wales.

Bassey said: “As Patron of the Noah’s Ark Appeal, I am delighted that Peter’s – a local company – is becoming our charity partner. The support of Peter’s will help the Noah’s Ark Appeal to raise significant money for the Children’s Hospital for Wales, specifically for children needing high dependency or intensive care.”

The range, which will be available at retail outlets nationwide, will feature products such as steak, steak and kidney, minced beef and onion, chicken and mushroom and meat and potato pies.

Neil Court Johnston, director of Peter’s Food Service, said: “We are passionate supporters of the Children’s Hospital for Wales and have worked closely with everyone at the Noah’s Ark Appeal to find the best possible way to help build awareness and generate significant funds over the next three years. We’re sure that the on-pack promotion will do just that.

“We hope the combination of a bigger, tastier pie and this very worthy cause will appeal to consumers and help us continue to raise valuable funds for this vital charity. The fact that Shirley Bassey has given her blessing is a real bonus. We’ll make sure there’s a valley full of pies to greet her next time she’s home.”

Suzanne Mainwaring, director of fundraising at the Noah’s Ark Appeal, said: “The support from Peter’s Pies will not only generate vital funds, but will ensure more people know about us all over the country.”