The Real Bread Campaign is rewarding schools, hospitals and other caterers for serving Real Bread.

Those who do so can now earn points towards silver and gold Food for Life Catering Mark certification from The Soil Association.

Real Bread is defined by the Campaign as bread produced without processing aids or artificial additives. Caterers who serve the bread at least once a week will gain 10 points towards the Catering Mark.

Real Bread Campaign coordinator Chris Young said: “We’re delighted that caterers will receive recognition from the Food for Life Partnership for getting real. It’s even better news for their customers who’ll be able to choose and enjoy delicious Real Bread.”

According to the Campaign, its definition of Real Bread rules out up to 97% of the loaves sold in the UK, although it added that more communities are finding and sharing different ways to help to make Britain’s bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

Young added: “We hope to see thousands of Food for Life Catering Mark holders going further than once a week by serving Real Bread with every meal and making improvements beyond simply kicking the additive habit.”

Mike Bond, Catering Mark manager, said: “The Food for Life Catering Mark rewards caterers who serve fresh, healthy and sustainable food. We recognise that Real Bread fits with the principles of the scheme, so we are delighted that caterers who are making or serving Real Bread can now achieve 10 points towards the silver and gold Catering Mark.”