Winner of the ’North Wiltshire Best New Business 2006,’ MyLoaf Bakery in Corsham, relies on baking and moulding equipment from oven specialist Tom Chandley (Manchester).

Directors of MyLoaf Bakery, Tia Lang and Jackie Perry, have identified customers’ need for quality and a range of baked goods.

Loaves are hand-baked in open-plan premises and sold to local pubs, restaurants and caterers.

Specialist and artisan breads, pastries, savouries and confectionery are offered.

Some of the types of breads baked are Mexican, Jack Thai, ciabatta, sundried tomato bread, Pain Rustique, croissants and the popular, Lardy Cake.

Tom Chandley Ovens supplied an electric 5-3-8 Deck Oven, fitted with steam and a Panem 20-tray retarder prover.

In addition, several Sigma machines were supplied: the Silver 120 Spiral Mixer, BM40 Planetary Mixer, SPM30 Bun Divider Moulder, SQ20 Hydraulic Divider and also a JAC Ecomatic Slicer.