Lucie Bennett, founder and owner of Fleur de Sel in Henfield, Sussex, provides a detailed explanation on how to recreate her celebration chocolate cake.

Winner of the Celebration/Novelty cake category at The Cake Awards 2013, Bennett, a chocolatier and patissier, founded Fleur de Sel almost two years ago.

Containing a variety of flavours, including sea salt caramel, dark, milk and white chocolate, the cake is enticing both visually and in terms of taste.

Speaking to British Baker about bakers incorporating more chocolate products into their lines, Bennett said: “Use an ingredient that is produced locally to your bakery to give you a unique selling point.

“Think about what you are aiming for as an end product. If you are using the word ‘luxury’ or ‘bespoke’, you should be backing it up by using a high-quality brand of coverture.”