Asda has initiated a roll-out of a new cafe format called Express Diner with four outlets open so far. 

It opened last week in Strelley, Nottingham and another seven are in the planning stage, according to British Baker’s sister title The Grocer.

The first opened in Leicester in November and replaced the existing Asda Cafe, Colne in Lancashire and Grantham in Lincolnshire followed in December.

The concept has been developed as a premium offer with good value for money. everything costs just £1 bar the 16-inch pizza, which puts customers back £5. Soft drinks refills are free.

Snacks such as soup with a granary roll, jacket potatoes, pizza slices, filter coffee, Yorkshire tea and fruit toast are on the menu, which displays calorie counts next to each item.

New decor and seating has been employed to give the cafes a modern feel and the menu is screened digitally.

It is not yet known when or where the seven will open.