Leeds-based brownie maker Brown & Blond has launched its first pop-up shop at York Railway station. 

George Welton, the 25-year-old owner of Brown & Blond, said the company expanded to new premises last year and continues to flourish.

Because of a strong start to the year, the York venture is intended to be the first of many: “We had a record-breaking start to January with turnover up threefold, and every week new enquiries are coming in from potential customers around the country,” said Welton.

“Over the years we have built up a loyal following at outside events such as farmers’ markets and it seemed a good idea to expand the retail side of the business by ‘popping up’ at other venues.

“Our aim is to engage with new customers and explore new markets. It is early days but so far the commuters at York seem to love the idea, with our range of brownies proving just the ticket for passengers.”