Almost 55% of bakers are more positive about the future of their bakeries than one year ago, British Baker can reveal. 

The survey, conducted by British Baker and exclusively available in the Bakery Market Report 2015, questioned a cross-section of bakers on topics including the future of their bakeries, anticipated changes in profit over the coming year and other major topics to put together a balanced idea of what bakery will look like over 2015 to 2016.

In addition to the survey, the report includes plenty of insight on issues including shopper behaviour and supermarket strategy on bakery. Lead researcher Patrick McGuigan, a freelance journalist also looks at how the market is changing as large, established companies and smaller independents vie for position. The report also includes the only definitive list of the top bakery companies in the UK.

The report can be purchased and downloaded from

To mark the report, sponsored by Unox and Rank Hovis, British Baker also held a webinar on the challenges of bakery. In it, McGuigan said: “There are new battlegrounds for most of the major operators. Looking to open outlets within other stores is something that will be big for the future.”

Bakery was found to be an extremely important part of convenience shopping, as exemplified by Tracy Faulkner of him!, who said that one in every four shoppers who walk into a convenience store will purchase a bakery item. She explained: “For 45% of shoppers buying bakery items, it was actually bakery that was the driver to that store that day.”

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