Own-label products continue to flourish with supermarkets offering reduced ranges missing out on revenue. 

The data from Nielson’s Global Survey of Private Labels’ also found that consumers are willing to pay more for own-label products.

Half of consumers would buy more own-label goods if a larger variety was available and 55% would be willing to pay the same or more for own-label if they liked it - up from 28% four years ago.
In the UK 37% of people (against 45% of Europeans) were less likely to see own-label as products for those on a tight budget.

Own-label products accounted for 54% of UK supermarket grocery sales in the year ending 21 June.
Sales of premium own-label products grew 5.2% year on year in the UK - almost four times the rate of overall grocery sales, which grew 1.4%.

Mike Watkins, head of retailer and business insight at Nielsen, said: “This indicates an opportunity for the supermarkets to further develop their own-label ranges - from budget through to premium offerings - across other categories.”