Trendy Radio One DJ Alice Levine has declared her love of her local baker Birds of Derby – and she got one of her favourite acts to sing live on air about their bread.

Levine, who hails from Nottingham, asked abandoman – Irish award-winning comedian Rob Broderick – to rap about Birds using a song by rap artist Nelly as the melody.

In it a backing singer warbles: “All of the maps, and all of the snacks. But I have never seen nothing like you. And all of the places and all of the baking, but you know nothing else will do.”

And then abandoman raps:  “First of all it must be said sir, when you’re up in Nottingham they know the bread is better. Now I am in London I do it for my radio job but at night when I go home, I’m like Phil whassup there ain’t no cobs.

“I say man, Birds was my palace, I scream out at their window – do you remember me? My name’s Alice!”

Levine has presented backstage coverage at The BRIT Awards and the EMAs for MTV and presented The Hot Desk on ITV2.

See a video of the coverage here: