A major sliced bread manufacturer has saved £35,000 following free guidance from ingredients manufacturer. 

Over two sites, the manufacturer made monetary savings of around 25%.

The bakery was helped by AAK (UK) Limited, who offered improvements on spraying patterns and set up training.

Mick Ferguson, technical sales manager at AAK said: “Where customers are already using AAK products, advice will be given if new or different AAK products might produce a superior result or help to extend the life of tins, pans or oven bands.”

“We give on the ground advice on equipment, maintenance and servicing. If technical engineering input is required to improve or provide new application equipment, our engineering project manager is on hand to offer design advice and consultation. We also offer bespoke equipment supply agreements, allowing our customers to lease equipment such as spray guns or pump stations. 

“For example, we have found that our low level oiling systems are really making a difference to customers,”

AAK works in partnership with various bakery manufacturers, with the aim to optimise performance.

The slice bread manufacturer cannot be named for confidentiality reasons.