Charity Coeliac UK has launched a new mobile app named Gluten-free food checker, designed to help those on a gluten-free diet find food while shopping.

The app, developed with FoodMaestro, identifies gluten-free foods, including those which are naturally gluten-free, and gives users the option to tailor search results to include additional dietary preferences and allergens.

It also lists all products that carry the Coeliac UK crossed-grain symbol, recognised internationally by those who need to follow a gluten-free diet.

The new app will run alongside the charity’s existing app, Gluten-free on the move, which lists Coeliac UK’s accredited and recommended gluten-free venues, supermarkets signed up to the gluten-free guarantee and the charity’s food-and-drink directory.

The Gluten-free food checker app also provides users with images of the products, ingredients lists and nutritional information. Over 52,000 products can be scanned and product listings are updated each week. It can be downloaded for free by Coeliac UK members on iPhone and Android devices.

Coeliac UK claims one in 100 people in the UK has coeliac disease, but only 24% of those with the condition have been diagnosed. Sources of gluten include breads, flours, cakes and biscuits.

Earlier this year Coeliac UK hosted its first gluten-free networking event for industry professionals.