Bakery equipment supplier European Process Plant (EPP) has launched a range of eco-friendly bakery washing machines.

The equipment, manufactured by Italian company Colussi Ermes, is designed to consume less water, fewer chemicals and less electricity than previous models.

Colussi tray washers can be integrated into a production line without the need for a separate wet room and Colussi equipment washes trays bottom-down and without detergent, so there is no need for the trays to be turned over.

EPP managing director Keith Stalker said: “Bakeries and food manufacturers demand the highest degree of certainty of hygiene to safeguard health and safety of the consumers. Colussi’s special systems meet the highest and most demanding international standards. Every project is extensively studied and developed by the company’s specialists in order to ensure the highest investment payback in terms of productivity, functionality and safety, thus reducing both energy expenditure and environmental impact.”

Stalker plans to raise awareness of EPP and Colussi in the UK and Ireland.