The baking industry is lending a hand to a trio of amateur bakers, who will bake bread through the night to raise money for Comic Relief.

Brook Food and Shipton Mill donated machinery and flour respectively, so three friends can run workshops and sell bread to raise money on Red Nose Day.

Dan Scobie, organiser of the event, said: “In 2013 I saw the hashtag Bread Nose Day on twitter somewhere and it tickled me, so I thought it would be a lot of fun to bake a load of bread and sell it in comic relief.”

Scobie hopes the raise around £1,000 this year, as Brook has allowed them to up production by lending a Hobart mixer and a Rofco oven.

Ann Wells, marketing director at Brook Food, said: “We are helping them because it’s obviously a fantastic cause and anything we can do to help more funds be raised the better. The commercial equipment will allow more loaves to be baked which means more sales and more money raised.

“We support Comic Relief ourselves by holding an annual Bake Off where staff create comical novelty cakes that are entered into a fun competition.”

Shipton Mill has donated a large quantity of flour to bake the bread with.

Scobie said they would bake sourdough, focaccia’s, wholemeal loaves as well as doughnuts, and would sell them on 14th March on a stall in Warwickshire.

Comic Relief will take place on Friday 13 March, when the team will bake through the night for the following Saturday.