Roberts Bakery has five new bespoke bread transport trucks, thanks to its contract with Bibby Distribution.

The 7.5-tonne DAF LF rigid trucks were commissioned by Bibby Distribution in response to a custom specification requested by Cheshire-based business Roberts. They are intended to support Roberts’ growth into new regions.

The new vehicles incorporate a warm-air system that keeps perishable goods in peak condition for as long as possible, meaning all customers can enjoy oven-fresh bread.

Mark Owen, Roberts’ logistics director, said: “As the only bread brand in the UK investing in third-party distribution, we’ve seen our market reach grow substantially thanks to Bibby Distribution.

“This creates an interesting challenge for us -­ with customers now buying from further afield, how can we ensure they can enjoy bread as fresh as our local customers have come to expect?

“The answer is the company’s commitment to innovation, meaning that customers in Northampton can buy bread that is as fresh as when it left Northwich.”

Last month Roberts sponsored the food halls at the Royal Cheshire County Show, and used the opportunity to present an educational bakery programme.