Maple Leaf Bakery UK has been recognised at the Zero Waste Awards 2014.

The bakery was awarded silver for eliminating waste from all of its processes, having worked with waste and recycling company Biffa IRM.

Mark Jones, head of health, safety and environment, UK bakery, said achieving zero waste was a fantastic achievement and also very good for business.

Jones said: “We’re thrilled to have our work recognised by the judging panel of the Zero Waste Awards. Removing waste from our processes has been a very interesting and rewarding journey, and we are very pleased with the outcomes.”

The Zero Waste Awards recognise and reward businesses, public authorities and third-sector organisations for being part of the sustainability solution. Established by, the awards showcase innovation and best practice in sustainable resource management.

Biffa IRM nominated Maple Leaf Bakery for the Zero Waste Awards following a successful 12 months of the company producing no waste.

Across its sites, 100% of all waste streams were recycled, including diverse materials such as cooking oil, egg waste and unavoidable packaging.

Biffa IRM also installed equipment on-site that monitors the weight of co-product arising, meaning that the payloads of vehicles leaving the site could be maximised. According to Maple Leaf, this reduces the carbon emissions from resource management practices, and has reduced the number of vehicles on-site, improving health and safety for the workers.