Tiptree-based jams and preserves maker Wilkin & Sons has invested in gas boilers to cut fuel use and reduce emissions.

The business, which produces preserves under the Tiptree brand, has put all its power services under one roof in a newly constructed Energy Centre.

“The construction of the Energy Centre, behind the jam factory, has been designed to minimise the fuel we burn and reduce emissions while maximising the savings we can make by the introduction of solar panels, innovative LED lighting, heat recovery and ultra-efficient air compressors,” said joint managing director Chris Newenham.

It is expected the gas boilers will reduce carbon dioxide emission by up to 350 tonnes a year, while the air compressors will decrease the energy required for compressed air by over 20%, reducing carbon dioxide emissions further by more than 30 tonnes every year. The company is also evaluating heat recovery to utilise the heat generated from the compressed air process.

“The new energy centre is positioned to reclaim as much waste heat and steam condense as possible once the new production hall is constructed,” said Ian Clark, who was responsible for overseeing the energy centre project.  “It is not possible to quantify all of the potential savings at this stage. The solar panels on the energy centre roof will have an output of 60kW and an anticipated reduction in our carbon dioxide emissions of a further 30 tonnes every year.”

In addition to the preserves business, Wilkin & Sons supplies fresh fruit and operates tea rooms in Essex. It also owns Tiptree Patisserie and Cole’s Puddings.