Three golden brown Cornish pasties on a metal baking tray

Source: Cornish Pasty Association

Pasty makers and bakers are coming together this Cornish Pasty Week to help children access regular cooking activities.

More than £15,000 has already been pledged towards the Cornish Pasty Community Fund, which will go towards providing students at schools across Cornwall and Scilly with regular cooking activities. Funds will be used to buy equipment and ingredients or to run cooking clubs or other fun food initiatives. Professional pasty makers will also host sessions in schools teaching children how to make Cornish pasties.

Anyone making or selling genuine Cornish pasties is invited to participate by agreeing to donate either a specific amount of money from every Cornish pasty sold during Cornish Pasty Week (which takes place from 26 February to 3 March), or a fixed lump sum of their choice. Every penny raised will go towards the Cornish Pasty Community Fund.

Last year pasty makers and bakers raised £14,500 during the week, which was donated to a local food redistribution charity.

The initiative is driven by the Cornish Pasty Association, the organisation behind Cornish Pasty Week.

Chairman Jason Jobling said: “We are really excited about helping the next generation understand more about food, nutrition, preparation and cooking skills, food production and manufacturing and, of course, what goes into a Cornish pasty and why it’s so special.

“The fund is open to all schools in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, whether it’s a primary school that needs funds for ingredients or equipment or a secondary school that might like a take students on a field trip to a commercial bakery to learn how pasties are made, we can help inspire the children of Cornwall to get cooking,” he added.

Applications are now open for schools on the Cornish Pasty Association website. There is a simple online form, asking how much money they need and what it will be used for. The Association will select the winning bids against a set of criteria to ensure the initiative makes as much impact as possible.