What does the drive towards clean label and all-natural food mean for sugar and sweeteners in the baking industry?

If the ‘war on sugar’ brings increased demand for sugar reduction in baked goods, will this mean greater use of e-numbers and non-natural sweeteners?

What natural alternatives are there to ‘artificial’ sweeteners, and what are the challenges to their adoption in baking? Can these ingredients reproduce the functionality of sugar in baking?

Could the demand for natural ingredients be good news for the marketing of sugar – some drinks producers are now promoting the sugar in them as ‘natural, real sugar’?

This article will also look at:

Taxing question

What is the current sentiment in the baked goods industry towards the risk of a tax of high-sugar baked goods? Do they feel it is more or less likely to become a reality than a year ago?

Use of sugar alternatives in recipes

  • Publication date: 7 June 2017
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