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  • Publication date: Wednesday 20 March 2024
  • Editorial submissions deadline: Thursday 7 March 2024
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What does health mean to bakery in 2024? This feature will explore what, if any, impact the HFSS legislation has had on the bakery market and how it is faring in the ongoing UPF debate.

Key questions this article will explore are:

  • What does health mean to the bakery category in 2024?
  • Where does health rank in consumer priorities when it comes to bakery?
  • How are manufacturers and their suppliers meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers?
  • What ingredients or processes are on the chopping block as a result? And which ones are gaining favour?
  • What impact is the ultra-processed foods debate having on mass produced bakery items?
  • Where does the baking industry stand on this debate?
  • How are manufacturers responding to this criticism?
  • What impact has the HFSS legislation had on bakery?
  • What impact could a potential change in government leadership have on food & drink policies, including HFSS?