Two cheese and tomato sandwiches, with a cup of coffee

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  • Publication date: Wednesday 24 May 2023
  • Editorial submissions date: Monday 15 May 2023
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This feature, which will be published during National Sandwich Week, will explore the trends playing out on the sandwich market. It will predominantly look at developments in sandwich carriers (bread, wraps, etc) as well as overall trends in terms of flavour profiles.

Key topics this feature will explore:

  • What are the main trends playing out on the sandwich market?
  • What innovations are we seeing in terms of sandwich carriers (bread, wraps, etc)?
  • Which retailers and manufacturers are driving the above? And what trends are they tapping into (health, global influences, social media, etc)?
  • What are the overarching trends playing out on the sandwich market?
  • How has the sandwich market changed post-Covid in terms of sales and consumer demand?