Bakery packaging specialist Reynards, which entered administration last month, has been resurrected by Intelipac, a supplier of products including bakery and deli bags, carrier bags and corrugated cardboard boxes to retailers in the UK and Australia.

Stoke on Trent-based Intelipac has acquired the name, goodwill and certain assets of Reynards, which has been supplying a wide range of bakery goods including foil trays, paper cases and films for more than 45 years.

The new business – to be called Reynards Food Packaging Ltd – will be run from the Reynards’ head office in Manchester. Reynards previously operated sites outside Manchester but closed some of these before entering administration.

“We want to rebuild the business and do it our way by adding the Intelipac passion for customer service,” said Carl Butler, sales director at Intelipac. “We are approaching all the previous customers and letting them know Reynards is back, although it is not the Reynards of old.”

Customers had an affinity for Reynards, said Butler, adding Intelipac would have access to the historical Reynards product range.

“We know the brand is strong - Reynards still has a good supplier base and brand loyalty,” he said, adding Reynards is well positioned to build on that reputation with the strong financial backing of Intelipac, which reports a turnover of around £25m a year.

Intelipac is an established UK manufacturer of bakery packaging, in addition to being a major importer of plastic and paper packaging for the grocery and food retail sectors.