The nation’s bakery brands have embraced Veganuary 2024 with a host of new products rolled out for the occasion.

There are doughnuts galore with Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’, Crosstown, and Longboys among those to add to their line-ups with vegan-friendly options offering proof that vegan doughnuts continue to boom.

Costa and Pret have also enhanced their vegan-friendly offerings in the past few weeks, with a Plant-Based Saucy Chicken Fajita Wrap, Caramelised Biscuit Rocky Road, and Sticky Mushroom Bánh Mì among the items added to menus.

Here, we take a closer look at some of the other new baked goods to roll out for Veganuary 2024:

A finger-style doughnut topped with blueberries and fake bacon

Source: Longboys

Maple Facon Blueberry Doughnut, Longboys

Artisanal doughnut brand Longboys has embraced the Veganuary movement by transitioning the majority of its doughnut selection to vegan options and adding new flavours to the mix.

Among them is the Maple ‘Facon’ Blueberry, which features maple creme, blueberry compote, and Le Vie vegan bacon, as well as the refreshing Rhubarb & Orange, which comes with orange crème and rhubarb compote topped with poached rhubarb and orange confit.

Longboys’ PB & J, Matcha White Chocolate, and Triple Chocolate offerings have also been made suitable for those seeking vegan-friendly treats. The vegan flavours are available at all four Longboys sites in London: Borough Yard, Liverpool St, Kings Cross, and Boxpark Wembley.


A box of Birthday Bisco's biscuits being held by someone in colourful pink dungarees

Source: Crave

Birthday Bisco’s, Crave

Free-from and vegan pioneer Crave has unveiled Birthday Bisco’s – vegan sandwich biscuits which are also free from the top 14 allergens, meaning they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and more. The golden sandwich biscuits are filled with a vanilla cream and sprinkle centre, with ingredients including gluten-free oat flour, rice flour and coconut fat. Sold via Sainsbury’s, the biscuits have a rsp of £3.50 for a 130g pack.


A challah roll filled with crispy squash and sage

Source: Gail’s

Crispy Squash & Sage Challah, Gail’s

Gail’s Bakery describes the Crispy Squash & Sage Challah as a bold, plant-based sandwich, which sees a crispy squash fritter, chipotle aioli, avocado salsa and cabbage slaw served in a sweet challah bun.

It joins the returning Mini Avocado & Chickpea Roll, as well as the Chocolate Hazelnut Bun on menus.

Gail’s has also teamed up with British oats brand Moma to bring the bespoke oat drink to its bakeries, boosting the options available as part of its speciality tea and coffee offering.


Crosstown pistachio & rose doughnuts

Source: Crosstown

Pistachio & Rose Doughnut, Crosstown

There are two limited-edition doughnuts on Crosstown’s menu this Veganuary plus its first-ever vegan matcha dough bite. They are:

  • Pistachio & Rose Doughnut – Rose icing covers Crosstown’s signature vegan sourdough, filled with pistachio & rose custard, topped with crunchy pistachio crumble (£5.50)
  • Coffee, Cardamom & Coconut Doughnut – Cocoa dough filled with an indulgent coffee and cardamom custard, dipped in coconut glaze, then coated in coconut angel flakes (£5.75)
  • Matcha & Rhubarb Dough Bite – Tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberry compote fills the vegan sourdough base, which is topped with a matcha & green tea glaze, then covered with a sprinkling of strawberry crumble (£3.50).

The doughnuts, alongside its existing vegan-friendly Dark Chocolate Truffle and Peanut Butter & Blackcurrant options, are available in Veganuary six and 12-packs online, as well as in Crosstown’s stores. Crosstown unveiled its first range of vegan sourdough doughnuts in 2017, replacing dairy and eggs with premium plant-based ingredients such as chia seeds, coconut butter and oat milk.


Greggs Vegan Steak Bake

Source: Greggs

Vegan Steak Bake, Greggs

An icon returns – that is how Greggs welcomed back its Vegan Steak Bake on social media earlier this month. The product was discontinued two years ago but has been brought back after fans took to social media to voice their displeasure. The hot pastry – which is a meat-free version of its Steak Bake – has returned with a ‘new and improved’ recipe. It sees vegan-friendly puff pastry filled with Quorn mycoprotein pieces mixed with diced onions and gravy.


Krispy Kreme Cookie Indulgence doughnuts in packaging

Source: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is celebrating Veganuary with a brand-new limited edition vegan doughnut range called Cookie Indulgence. The Vegan Society-approved line-up includes a revamped version of fan favourite Cookies & Kreme, which is topped with a crunchy cookies & kreme frosting.

There’s also the Chocolate Cookie Crunch doughnut, which has chocolatey icing, cookie crumb toppings, frosting, and a mini cookie on top. The Cookie Indulgence doughnut range, starting from £2.95, will be available in Krispy Kreme shops, selected supermarket cabinets in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons, as well as service stations and third-party delivery partners until 28 January.


OGGS Mega Caramel Cupcakes Lifestyle

Source: Oggs

Mega Caramel Cupcakes, Oggs

Plant-based cake brand Oggs is using the launch of its Mega Caramel Cupcakes to also debut new packaging, set to be rolled out across the rest of the Oggs range later this year.

The cakes, which are available in Sainsbury’s Local and Asda in a two-pack for £2.35, see large vanilla sponges topped with caramel frosting and a chocolate drizzle. They’re made from aquafaba, a plant-based egg alternative, which Oggs said makes them them kinder to chickens and the planet.

The brand has embraced this messaging as part of the packaging revamp with the updated version featuring the message ‘cruelty free cakes’.


12 vegan doughnuts including ones covered in chocolate, glazed ones and sprinkle ones

Source: Dunkin’

Original Glazed Doughnuts, Dunkin’

Dunkin’ has unveiled a trio of vegan-friendly doughnuts for Veganuary 2024, including a plant-powered version of its Original Glazed treat.

Also joining the line-up is the vegan Boston Crème topped with chocolate icing and filled with non-dairy cream, as well as the Strawberry Rainbow, which has strawberry icing and rainbow sprinkles on top. All three doughnuts cost £2.35 each and are available in boxes of three, six, 12, and 24.


OMV fruity flapjack cookies in packaging

Source: Asda

Fruity Flapjack Cookies, Asda

Part of the own label OMV! range, these Vegan Society-approved crunchy cookies (£1 per 180g pack) are filled with raisins, apricots, and desiccated coconut as well as oats.

They’ve been launched for Veganuary 2024, closely following the roll out of the vegan-friendly Norman the Hedgehog Cake at the end of last year. The cake is described as an indulgent vegan chocolate sponge with a rich chocolatey flavour filling, covered with a spiky chocolate flavour frosting and Norman’s smiling face.

Other bakery items in the OMV! range include Choc & S’mores Brownies, Caramel Blondies, and Chocolatey Cake.


A person in a blue jumper holding a fried pastry with pumpkin cream, vegan cheese and sundried tomatoes in it

Source: Indegno

Vegan Crescentina, Indegno

London-based Italian restaurant Indegno has created a vegan version of its iconic crescentina – dough that is rolled, fried, and then filled to create a filling grab and go option.

The latest version from the Brick Lane establishment costs £8.99and is filled with pumpkin cream, sundried tomatoes, and vegan Clapton Chive cheese from La Fauxmagerie.

Other vegan options include The Bentivoglio, a deliciously flavoursome crescentina filled with plant-based pulled pork from Planted and traditional friggione (slow-cooked onions and tomatoes).