A new type of plastic bag has been created to prevent bread from turning mouldy quickly.

Created by pharmaceutical company Janssen and plastics manufacturer Symphony Environmental, the partners took two years to develop the d2p anti-fungal packaging.

According to Symphony Environmental, d2p’s “primary purpose is to prevent fungal contamination, while preserving the aesthetic and functional properties of plastic products”.

Symphony’s d2p is said to potentially increase the shelf-life of fresh food, reduce the requirement for food preservatives, and inhibit mould growth on food and non-food applications.

The company said the anti-fungal masterbatch had been successfully tested against fungi, such as M. Piriformis and P. Roqueforti, bacteria and algae.

Michael Stephen, chairman of Symphony Environmental said that the response from bakers who had trialled the product had been very good.

Bakers will be able to retain their current packaging logos and dimensions. should they choose to adopt the additive.

Dismissing the idea that silver was involved in its chemical make-up, Stephen said that the cost of the product was “reasonable” and “less than other technologies” currently available.

The announcement follows the news that Tesco has cut the amount of bread it has on display in a bid to reduce wastage.