BetterBrand The Better Bagel UK launch

Source: BetterBrand

US food tech company BetterBrand has launched its low-carb bagels in the UK via an exclusive listing at Whole Foods Market stores.

Three flavours of its hero product The Better Bagel are making their debuts, including The Classic, newly-introduced The Pretzel, and The Everything, which is covered in black and white sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion and garlic.

Each are available as a pack of two for £5.99 and are being stocked at World Foods Market’s seven locations across London from this week.

Said to be backed by proprietary “grain-changing” technology, The Better Bagel claims to offer the net carb equivalent of two slices of banana, the protein content of two eggs, and the sugar content of a single celery stalk. It also claims a clean, non-GMO set of ingredients.

BetterBrand The Better Bagel classic, pretzel, everything

Source: BetterBrand

BetterBrand describes itself as a company ’leading innovation in the $12 trillion refined carb space’ It said its arrival to the UK market follows significant traction in the US, with products currently stocked at over 2,000 locations including grocery retailers such as Whole Foods Market (which is owned by Amazon), Target, and Sprouts.

Its low-carb bakery product range includes bagels, buns and rolls, billed as transforming traditionally carb heavy foods into healthy, functional alternatives, without compromising taste or experience.

BetterBrand CEO Aimee Yang

Source: BetterBrand

BetterBrand CEO and founder Aimee Yang

“At BetterBrand, our journey started with a simple mission: to reimagine the bread aisle and bring joy to healthy eating,” said BetterBrand CEO Aimee Yang, who founded the company in 2021. “The response and demand from our US customers since launch has been overwhelmingly positive, so we are thrilled to bring BetterBrand to the UK consumer.”

In June of this year, BetterBrand achieved a pre-money valuation of $170m (£140m), which saw Yang set the record for the highest Series A valuation posted by a female founder in venture history. The business surpassed a $15m revenue run rate in August, which is expected to double to over $30m by the end of the year.

Low-carn products are gaining traction in the UK. Fellow keto-friendly bakery brand Srsly Low Carb recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise investment for new production innovation and growth of domestic and export sales, with intial targets surpassed incredibly quickly.

Founded by Andy Welch, Srsly (pronounced ’seriously’) also secured a £500k investment in April this year to support the next phase of its growth and has been approved as a NHS supplier.