Butt Foods has tweaked the recipes of its Baked Earth range of naans and flatbreads to make them vegan-friendly ahead of Veganuary 2020.

The Nottingham-based specialist, which supplies to foodservice customers across the UK, has removed milk powder from its recipes.

As a result, it has gained Vegan Society accreditation for the range, which includes plain and garlic & coriander naans, as well as a rectangular folded flatbread and large folded naan flatbread.

“Given the popularity of vegan foods now, it makes sense for foodservice operators to offer vegan items on their menus, and we’re delighted our Baked Earth core range of naan and flatbreads for foodservice has been awarded the Vegan Society trademark,” said managing director Dan Butt.

“Our core range of naan and flatbreads still has the same great taste and performs in exactly the same way, but now it’s suitable for vegan diners too. Our testing panels reported that the products tasted and looked the same as they did before we made the recipe tweaks, so we’re confident our customers won’t see or taste any difference.”

Butt Foods isn’t the only one preparing for Veganuary. Higgidy has launched its first vegan roll and a limited-edition Aubergine & Spinach Masala pie, while frozen food distributor Central Foods has become the latest to launch a vegan sausage roll.

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