Premier Foods has relaunched Cadbury Mini Rolls with new flavours, new packaging and a TV campaign for the first time in eight years.

The Cadbury Cakes’ hero brand now includes two new flavours to its core range as well as two limited-edition flavours, which will be supported by a £1m TV campaign.

The range is worth £72.1m and is currently bought by 9.6m households in the UK (IRI data w/e 21.03.15).

New flavours within the core range will be raspberry and chocolate orange, which will join the existing milk chocolate variety. The special edition flavours will be banana and cola, which will be available for six months.

The new packaging will feature brighter, bolder and ‘more appealing’ colours on pack for greater shelf stand-out.

The ads are running from 4 May for four weeks to drive awareness of the changes and it a Starsky & Hutch twist on an everyday moment. It ends with the strapline ‘Cadbury Mini Rolls. Rolled With Joy. #FreeTheJoy’.

Joanna Agnew, head of Cadbury Cakes, said: “Cadbury Mini Rolls is an iconic brand that consumers know and love. We have refreshed the range to give it a more modern feel and developed fun flavours that are a perfect fit for our target audience. The ‘joyful’ TV ad will certainly make people smile and with a fully loaded plan in May, we look to really make a difference. The brand has had a very strong start this year and this campaign is set to continue that momentum.

“Cadbury Mini Rolls are the perfect everyday sweet treat and made with the nation’s favourite chocolate. I’m looking forward to an exciting time ahead for the brand.”