Country Choice has unveiled a new range of breads designed to tap demand for on-the-go snack products.

The B’Break Snacking Breads are a stick format, and are available in four flavours - two sweet and two savoury.

The savoury duo comprises B’Break Two Olive & Rosemary stick with peppered green and black olives, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil, and the B’Break Chorizo stick, which contains chorizo smoked over beech wood and paprika.

The sweet variants are the B’Break Choc Chip Snacking Bread that contains chocolate chips with at least 50% cocoa content, and the B’Break Muesli that has five cereals and dried fruits and is sweetened with honey.

All four flavoured bread sticks weigh 70g, have a shelf life of one day and are packed in cases of 40.

The release follows a recent report stating the number of out-of-home bakery occasions had risen 4% for snacks and savouries.