CSM Bakery Solutions has refreshed its Pantique Ancient Cereals bread mix by changing its name to Ancient Grains Ultimate and introducing new packaging.

The change was in response to consumers looking for more authentic foods and growing interest in artisan products, said the company.

CSM stated that the Ancient Grains Ultimate mix is unique in the market as no other mix contains the ancient grains Emmer and Einkorn, which are known to be the two oldest bread grains and date back to 10,000 BC.

The company added that the mix could help to increase sales and profit for bakers as consumers are willing to pay more for bread and rolls that contain ancient grains.

 “We’ve chosen the mix based on its incredible flavours and nutritious properties, and expect the product to become a staple ingredient for every bread maker,” said David Astles, bread ingredients product manager at CSM.

Bakers will be supplied a point of sale kit by CSM to help communicate the advantages of the bread to customers, including  bread bands, shelf wobblers, posters, stickers, a leaflet dispenser and consumer information leaflets.