Dawn Foods has launched its 2015 Great Bakes of the States Adventure, which gives high street bakers the chance to win £10,000-worth of bakery equipment.

The campaign follows the success of last year’s Authentic American Bakery Campaign and now includes a Great American Road Trip. It will take bakers on a virtual adventure across America, which can be tracked on dawnbakery.co.uk. Followers will gain insight into bakery innovations, recipes and other inspiration gleaned from the US.

Bakers can enter prize draws on the website for the chance to win. The main prize is a £5,000 Mono 4/5 Tray Eco-Touch Convection Oven with additional equipment that bakers can choose from up to the value of £5,000. Smaller prizes will be up for grabs throughout the year.

Jacqui Passmore, marketing manager for Dawn Foods UK and Ireland, said: “Our research tells us that high street bakeries, like any other small business, need practical support too, so we have developed a campaign to directly benefit bakers’ businesses. We are delighted that Mono Equipment is working in partnership with us to offer a superb convection oven to the winner that they can combine with other bakery equipment of their choice.”

Chris Huish, director of independent sales at Mono Equipment, added: “The independent baker is an important customer for Mono Equipment and we are pleased to be associated with Dawn Foods in its 2015 campaign which has been developed especially to assist craft bakers in building their business.”