Dawn Foods has reformulated its range of American Bakery mixes and bases for its muffins, cookies, crème cake and carrot cake.

The new-look products, which are all based on authentic American recipes, are all-natural flavours and colours with a reduced salt content. Additionally, the range is palm oil-free and halal-certified.

Dawn illustrated how the range will benefit bakers:

Crème Cake Base – Available in plain and chocolate, the base has been reformulated to include 100% natural flavours and colours, as well as improved performance to make it easier for bakers to create new recipes from one mix. The new-look Crème Cake Bases still produce the same moist-eating sponge, but are more tolerant and stable for carrying inclusions and fillings meaning bakers can use the base in many different applications, including round cakes, sheet cakes, steamed puddings and even muffins.

Muffin Base – the base features all-natural flavours and produces moist, airy textured muffins. The new formulation makes it easier for bakers to customise traditional American-style muffins with inclusions and fillings too, in line with current trends in the bakery market.

Carrot Cake Mix and Carrot Cake Base – Both bases have been reworked to feature natural colour and, as a result, a more appealing batter appearance. The Carrot Cake Mix has had a 50% salt reduction too, but with no compromise on the delivery of a classic, naturally spiced full-flavoured sponge.

Cookie Base – Available in vanilla and chocolate, the cookie base has been redeveloped to ensure that each batch of cookies delivers an authentic American cookie taste and texture. The base makes cookie-making easy and the reformulation means there is less spread during baking, ensuring a consistently regular cookie size and shape.