Derbyshire-based bakery Stacey’s has brought back a traditional Derbyshire cake for a limited time.

Thor cake is made with oatmeal, ginger and black treacle and was traditionally baked in Derbyshire communities on 5 November.

Stacey’s customers who entered the shop on Bonfire Night were welcomed by director David Stacey, who got into character for the occasion by dressing as Norse god Thor.

Speaking beforehand, Stacey told East Midlands business information webite Business Desk: “We thought it would be a good idea to re-ignite a traditional Derbyshire recipe and with Bonfire Night coming up, the Thor cake seemed an ideal option. It is something I’m sure our customers will look forward to getting their teeth into.”

Stacey’s, which has a bakery and shops in Ilkeston, Heanor and Eastwood, will be selling the Thor cake until the end of the month.