Six limited edition breads have been created by Tom and Henry Herbert, aka the Fabulous Baker Brothers, to star in a beer-themed pop-up in Hoxton, London.

The Beer Bakery will celebrate six iconic beers of AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer, by emphasising the shared ingredients between beer and bread and bringing out the character of each brew in its companion bread.

The breads, which range from a sourdough to a cornbread, will be available with their accompanying beers at the pop-up running from October 27-31.

The Herbert brothers, who run Cotsworlds-based Hobbs House Bakery, were approached by AB InBev with a brief to create recipes complementing its Stella Artois, Leffe Blond, Høegaarden, Corona, Budweiser and Beck’s Vier lines.

Some of the breads pick out particular flavour notes of the beers. For the Høegaarden-inspired bread, the brothers picked up on Høegaarden’s spicing in a brioche roll. “We enhanced it with orange and coriander which I’ve never tried before," said Tom Herbert. "I did it because of the beer.”

Henry Herbert said: “We came up with pretty much all of them in about 30 minutes.”

Other breads focused more on the history of the beers. To emphasise the long production history of the Leffe brand, the brother’s paired it with a malt-flavoured sourdough using their own 60-year-old starter. More subtly, they brought out Stella Artois’ heritage by using spelt flour.

Sophie Kurta, external communications manager at AB InBev, said the project “gave us a chance to showcase all of our flavour notes.”

She said: “We just want people to come along and get really interested in the ingredients which are in beer and bread.”

Find out more at The Beer Bakery website.

The full list of breads and their companion beers are:

    • Apple, Walnut, Barley & Malted Wheat Seeded Loaf – Beck’s Vier
    • Blond Sourdough – Leffe Blond
    • Bud Tiger Bread - Budweiser
    • Sea Salt and Lime Encrusted Cornbread - Corona
    • Spelt and Barley Pineapple Soda Bread – Stella Artois

    • Spiced Orange and Coriander All Butter Brioche - Høegaarden