Mexican-style chicken PitaPot

Source: Chasiotis

Mexican-style chicken PitaPot

Athens-based flatbread specialist Chasiotis is actively seeking distributors in the UK for its new bread carrier PitaPot.

Said to be the next step in flatbread evolution from the folded flatbread, the PitaPot is described as a soft and fluffy fully-baked flatbread dough shaped like an edible pot.

It is open only on one side, with toasted internal and external wall surfaces, allowing it to combine the convenience of a pita bread with the portability of a container.

PitaPots are vegan, and only need be heated for around two minutes using a grill or non-stick frying pan. Chasiotis is looking to expand and enhance its current distribution network in the frozen food channel of the UK and Europe.

The Greek manufacturer, which developed its own production technology in-house, claims the PitaPot creates the perfect “nest” for doner kebab, gyros, pulled pork, and other street food sandwiches that are known for their generous fillings and sauces.

Its shape and wall thickness are said to ensure an efficient and mess-free way of holding food. The internally-toasted dough walls act as a barrier, preventing liquid from penetrating and keeping any ‘heavy’ fillings and sauces securely contained.

In addition, PitaPots do not require use of a knife to open, making it quicker and safer to create than a standard half-mooned shaped pita pocket.

Flatbread are gaining traction in the out of home market, with the likes of Greggs unveiling a trio of flatbread flavours inspired by foreign cuisines last month, and Sainsbury’s including a new Harissa Flatbread in its summer range.


Source: Chasiotis


“In the world of sandwiches and street food, innovation is always welcome”, said Chasiotis, adding that PitaPots offer a self-contained meal option that caters to busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

“Its unique design and functionality make it a truly versatile and practical option, surpassing sliced bread, flatbreads, folded flatbreads, baguettes, wraps, and paninis in terms of ease of use and convenience,” claimed the company.

Chasiotis was founded by Greek family bakers Stavros Chasiotis and Kiriaki Papadopoulou in 1982. The company experienced steady growth, eventually moving to its current premises in the Athens suburb of Agios Ioannis Rentis in 2011. Eight years later, it expanded to the first floor to occupy a total space of 3,000 square metres (32,000 sq ft).

The installation of modern equipment has seen its production capacity increase to 30,000 flatbreads per hour, with products exported to 30 countries worldwide including in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the US and Australia.