The blazing temperatures of late have been accompanied by hot new bakery items launching for summer 2023, from flatbreads and bagels to bite-sized sweet treats.

We’ve already featured the raft of desserts rolled out by bakeries across the UK, as well as the Sainsbury’s summer range. Now here’s a summer-themed summary of NPD unveiled by some of the nation’s biggest chains:


Gregg's new summer offerings - Mexican Chicken Flatbread, Chicken Shawarma Flatbread and Vegan Tandoori Chicken-Free Flatbread

Source: Greggs

(L-R) Chicken Shawarma Flatbread, Mexican Chicken Flatbread, and Vegan Tandoori Chicken-Free Flatbread


A brand new selection of flatbreads in three flavoursome varieties have been rolled out at Greggs, including Mexican Chicken Flatbread, Chicken Shawarma Flatbread and Vegan Tandoori Chicken-Free Flatbread.

Greggs invites customers to ‘say hasta luego to boring lunches this summer’ with the Mexican Chicken Flatbread, made with Mexican-style chicken and chipotle chilli sauce, salad leaves, mixed peppers, and chipotle chilli mayonnaise.

The new Chicken Shawarma Flatbread, meanwhile, is a street food-inspired dish comprising shawarma-style chicken, sliced cucumber and mixed salad leaves.

A plant-based lunch can be enjoyed via the Tandoori Chicken-Free Flatbread, the latest addition to Greggs’ popular vegan range. It contains tandoori chicken-free pieces, cucumber, salad, vegan tandoori mayonnaise and mango chutney.

The sandwiches are available from £3.25 each at Greggs stores nationwide, or as part of the cold sandwich deal from £3.60. They can be purchased via Click + Collect and via Just Eat delivery.


Gail's Mortadella & Ricotta sandwich

Source: Ben Carpenter / Gail’s

Mortadella & Ricotta sandwich


Coinciding with last month’s British Sandwich Week was the launch of three new sarnies at Gail’s, influenced by Mediterranean and Middle East cuisines.

The Mortadella & Ricotta Sandwich (rsp £7) comprises thinly-sliced mortadella sausage on white sourdough with parmesan butter, ricotta, pistachio & olive pesto, hot pickled peppers from Eaten Alive, and rocket.

The Heritage Tomato Bagel (rsp £6) is made with seasonal tomatoes from local producer Natoora, a thick layer of Quicke’s whey butter, pistachio & olive pesto, rocket, and seasoned with Cornish Sea salt.

Lastly, the Ham & Cheese Sandwich (£4.50) features Mayfield Swiss cheese and Quicke’s whey butter in slices of Gail’s little sandwich loaf.


Starbucks - Cookies & Cream Brownie, White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondie, and Miso Caramel Brownie

Source: Starbucks

(L-R) Miso Caramel Brownie Bite, White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondie Bite, and Cookies & Cream Brownie Bite


For those in need of an uplifting on-the go bite in the summer sunshine, Starbucks has added three new flavours to its traditional brownies range, including Cookies & Cream Brownie, White Chocolate & Raspberry Blondie and vegan-friendly Miso Caramel Brownie. The bite-sized items are priced at £1.20 each.

A raft of lunchtime ‘fan favourites’ are also making their return to the menu. These include the Chicken Caesar Wrap (rsp £3.80), the Chicken, Mozzarella & Pesto Focaccia (rsp £4.99 RRP) and the Steak & Cheese Panini (rsp £4.85). 

Vegan options include the Spinach & Pea Falafel Wrap (rsp £3.80), along with the Plant-Based Breakfast Wrap (rsp £4.70).

For the sweet-toothed, there’s also the plant-based Raspberry & Almond Mini Loaf (rsp £2.60), and the Caramelised Biscuit Loaf Cake (rsp £2.60).

The new menu is available at Starbucks stores and drive-thrus, via the Starbucks App or via Deliveroo, Just Eat, and Uber Eats delivery.