Great British Bake Off finalist Kim-Joy Hewlett has teamed up with one of London’s oldest butchers’ shops to create a mince pie bao bun.

The limited-edition Christmas treat, which comprises traditional sweet mincemeat in a bao bun, is being sold on AmazonFresh at £6.99 for a four-pack. Kim-Joy created the recipe to reflect the diverse culinary scene in the UK.

“I grew up eating bao buns made by my mum and have loved the challenge of bringing together traditional food from my childhood with a British classic to create the new Mince Baos,” says Hewlett.

Traditional bao buns are filled, steamed buns, dating back to the 10th century. Commonly found across south-east Asia, the buns have gained traction around the world as a popular snack or street food.

London-based butcher C Lidgate, which worked with Hewlett on the launch, said it was always looking to add something different to its Christmas menu.

“The traditional bao bun pastry mixes with the mincemeat to create a luxuriously rich, sticky texture that is the perfect addition to any festive feast,” added Danny Lidgate, the fifth generation of his family to run the 150-year-old business.

AmazonFresh said working with local suppliers such as C Lidgate and Hewlett helped it drive innovation.

“We’re sure our foodie customers will be experimenting with the classics when it comes to entertaining family and friends this festive season,” said AmazonFresh senior vendor manager Louis de Kock.

AmazonFresh offers Amazon Prime members same-day or next-day delivery to eligible postcodes for grocery orders of at least £40.

Hewlett has also created a ‘how-to’ video and festive decoration ideas for consumers wanting to make the mince baos at home.