Ginsters has expanded its Bitesize snacking range with a new Cheese & Onion Pasties line.

The Bitesize Cheese & Onion Pasties are made with a light puff pastry, filled with West Country Cheddar, potato, onion and mozzarella, and flavoured with chives and wholegrain mustard.

The new flavour marks the first vegetarian option in Ginsters’ Bitesize range, which launched last year with two variants – sausage rolls and Cornish pasties.

Ginsters said the Bitesize range had been designed for versatile snacking on-the-go or at home, adding that the new cheese & onion variant would drive appeal among shoppers following a vegetarian diet.

“Traditional cheese & onion is one of the best-selling SKUs in our core range, so introducing this into our Bitesize snacking portfolio offers consumers more variety and bolsters category growth,” said Kieran Hemsworth, managing director of Ginsters.

The Bitesize Cheese & Onion Pasties are available now in packs of eight (rsp £3) at Asda.

Ginsters has unveiled several items of NPD of late, most recently launching its Premium Handcrafted range, which includes a Cornish Pasty and Chicken, Chorizo & Cornish Gouda Pasty. Ginsters said the range was its most premium yet.