To mark the launch of its new flat white coffee, high street baker Greggs has bought an “adult naptime pod” to London.

The newly extended coffee range will be sold at nearly 1,700 shops nationwide and, to celebrate, Greggs set up a giant outdoor Nappuccino laboratory at Potters Field, London.

Members of the public took part in the Nappuccino study – they enjoyed a freshly ground Greggs coffee followed by a 20-minute power nap in a specially designed giant coffee cup pod, complete with a bed, blankets, cushions, mood lighting and relaxing music.

More than half the respondents (57%) in the study admitted they relied on a coffee to help them feel more awake or alert. However, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania found that consuming a coffee, then immediately taking a 20-minute power nap, maximised alertness and increased productivity. The study said the effect came because the nap heightened the impact of caffeine on the body, meaning you wake up feeling more alert.

Extending range

Greggs is extending its coffee range with the introduction of a new flat white and an improved mocha, both priced from £1.75 and available at almost 1,700 shops nationwide.

Malcolm Copland, commercial director at Greggs, said: “A freshly ground cup of coffee helps many of us feel more awake, so we wanted to test the science behind the coffee power nap to help the British public feel more alert and be more productive.

“Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before we see Nappuccino sleeping pods popping up across the rest of the UK.”

The newly extended Greggs coffee menu also includes espresso, americano, latte and cappuccino.