Flatbread brand Mission is tapping into demand for sourdough and ancient grains with the launch of two new products.

Called Simply Good, the range comprises a Quinoa & Chia variant as well as a Sourdough & Linseed option. They are available at retailers nationwide in packs of six (rsp £1.50).

Mission said the range was created to meet demand for products that contain healthier ingredients, noting that they deliver additional texture as well as leaving consumers feeling fuller for longer.

They are also a source of fibre. One Quinoa & Chia wrap contains 4.5g fibre, while the Sourdough & Linseed variant has 2.4g per wrap. The recommended daily intake for an adult is 30g.

“Latest research showed that consumers are changing their habits when it comes to food. Instead of focusing on what to take out of diets, they are instead turning their attention to those products that add ‘good’ into their meals, such as fibre or protein,” said Ieva Dvilinskiene.

“We’re highlighting health benefits prominently on-pack and we have also included recipe inspiration to make the purchase decision even easier,” added Dvilinskiene.

The products are aimed at pre-family consumers and ‘empty nesters’, who Mission said tended to search for granary bakery options.