Zesty lemon is Britain’s most-loved cake flavour, according to a new survey.

Bakery decorations supplier Cake Angels has polled consumers to discover the most popular tastes, shapes and fillings as it looks to create Britain’s ‘Ideal’ Bake.

The online study found that zesty lemon was the favourite flavour of more than a quarter of the 87 participants, while half said they liked a moist texture of cake.

Other results showed buttercream came out on top in terms of filling choice, at 64%, and 31% preferred their cake to be coloured white.

The research also showed that 47% of people liked a round cake and 52% preferred three layers, while chocolate shavings were the favourite choice of topping, at 44%.

Emma Tomkins, marketing manager at Cake Angels, said baking and decorating gave bakers the opportunity to experiment and combine everything they loved into one mouthful.

“There are so many products out there now to give us that helping hand in the kitchen, whether a professional baker or an amateur just enjoying the experience,” said Tomkins. “We may eat with our eyes but baking, decorating and eating cake is an important experience – so flavour is very important too.”

Cake Angels recently unveiled new branding that it has claimed will “blaze a new trail in home baking”.