Malt loaf maker Soreen has partnered with Disney to launch its new Mini Loaves range.

Available to Sainsbury’s and Asda for £1.35, Soreen said the new licensed range would provide a nutritious alternative to cake that “mums can feel good about giving their children”.

The products, which contain 60% less fat and 50% less sugar than standard cake bars, comprise two flavours - chocolate and toffee - in a multi-pack of five bars.

The Disney Mini Loaves features animated characters such as Woody from Toy Story and Elsa from Frozen, and were formulated to comply with Disney’s nutritional guidelines to be more balanced for children.

Bethan Brown, marketing director at Soreen, said the company had worked with Disney to create a range of Mini Loaves to tap into the brand’s “rich storytelling history”.

“These nutritious snacking options come in exciting flavours for snacking occasions,” Brown said. “We are confident that the Disney Frozen and Disney Pixar range will be something that mums welcome.”

In May 2017, Soreen launched a campaign in UK cinemas to highlight the nutritional value of Soreen as a healthier treat.