Stork, the Unilever-owned brand, has launched a £1.6m Christmas marketing campaign to encourage consumers to home-bake with Stork with Butter. 

The TV ad which launched last week (23 November) runs until 24 December. It depicts the baking of two Rudolf cakes - one with Stork with Butter and one with conventional butter. The campaign is also being supported by digital display, VOD and sponsored social media activity including Facebook.

Rhiannon Carr, brand manager for Stork at Unilever UK, said “We’re very excited to launch our Christmas campaign promoting the latest addition to the Stork range, Stork with Butter, through our brand new TV advert.

“It communicates to consumers that ‘Every Cake’s A Winner’ when you use Stork with Butter, creating light, fluffy cakes with rich, creamy icings and a buttery taste every time.”

Stork with Butter has generated over £1.2m in value sales and sold almost 1m units in its first six months after its launch in May 2015 (Nielsen Data – September 2015).