There is insufficient choice in the gluten-free market, according to 73% of consumers who buy coeliac-friendly products.

As revealed in a survey by OnePoll for oat-based food brand Moma, consumers said they would like to see more gluten-free products across a wide range of categories, including cakes and biscuits.

Satisfaction levels in gluten-free products were revealed to be average, with 26.25% declaring themselves either unsatisfied or very unsatisfied, and only 12.25% saying they were very satisfied. Taste and cost were listed among concerns, with one respondent wishing for “decent bread which doesn’t taste like sawdust”, while another said “it’s not the choice, it’s the price that’s crippling.”

Earlier this month, analysed the prices of various baked goods over the last year – gluten-free products were among those which had significantly risen in price. 

Coeliac UK recently announced it would host its first gluten-free networking event.