Tate & Lyle Sugars, the bakery ingredients supplier, has launched a new range of fondants aimed at baking professionals.

The company has introduced four new fondants – soft, medium, firm and ready-to-use. They are available now through local Tate & Lyle Sugars stockists.

-          The soft fondant produces a softer, smoother texture with low risk of crystallisation

-          The medium fondant offers a wide range of bakery and confectionery applications, such as éclairs and crème fillings.

-          The firm fondant is ideal for fudges and creating enrobed confectionery centres.

-          The ready-to-use fondant can be used to create a stable and glossy ready-to-use glaze or icing.

Nigel Bradford, sales director, said: “Innovation is key for bakers and operators to drive sales, and our new range of high-quality fondants enables bakers and operators to try out original and inventive recipe ideas with complete confidence.”

Four varieties

The soft, medium and firm varieties of the block fondants are available in 12.5kg blocks. The ready-to-use fondants are available in 15kg pails.

Tate & Lyle Sugars is part of ASR Group, the world’s largest cane sugar refining company, with an annual production capacity of more than six million tonnes of sugar.