Plant-based sandwiches and wraps were the big winners during Veganuary 2020, according to Tesco.

Demand for the retailer’s vegan wraps and sandwiches soared nearly 75% across the month compared to the same period in 2019. And, demand for plant-based sandwiches bought as part of a meal deal, including a snack and drink, saw sales increase by 130% versus Veganuary 2019.

The most popular item, according to Tesco, was a falafel & houmous wrap that is part of its own-label Plant Chef range.

Tesco expanded the range for the month-long celebration of meat-, dairy- and egg-free items. New additions included a Hoisin Wrap – with pea protein, hoisin sauce and slices of cucumber and spring onion – as well as a Coronation Cauli Wrap and a Houmous & Harissa Vegetable Sandwich.

“Thanks to some great recent quality innovation in vegan wraps and sandwiches, we are now seeing the emergence of a dedicated lunchtime plant-based shopper,” said Cate May, food-to-go buying manager at Tesco. “Demand for plant-based wraps and sandwiches grew steadily throughout last year, but absolutely rocketed during Veganuary.”

She added that, until now, most of the ‘noise for vegan food’ was around meat-free alternatives to classics such as burgers, sausages and steaks.

“This year, however, I think that with veganism and flexitarian diets becoming so popular, it will have a major impact on the take-away lunchtime market and choices available.”

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