Luma Bakery has created a projection-mapped gingerbread house in celebration of Christmas.

The house was decorated with Renshaw fondant icing to provide a smooth surface for the image to be projected onto. The projection, according to Luma Bakery owner and lead designer Georgia Clegg, depicts a fairy entering the house and filling the rooms with light, followed by snow falling.

Clegg traditionally uses cakes as a surface for projection mapping – with creations inspired by Game of Thrones and Great British Bake Off part of her portfolio – but has branched out for the festive season. 

“Cake mapping refers to the technique of projecting on a plain, usually multi-tiered, cake with videos, images and text,” she explained.

“A square, tiered cake covered in regular fondant icing is the best projection surface – anything curved will warp the image. For the projection, I recommend using a consumer projector which is run off a standard laptop and professional mapping software, such as MadMapper, plus a freestanding plinth to house the projector.”

Watch the full video here: