Wall’s Pastry has rolled out two chicken rolls as a healthier alternative to the traditional sausage roll.

Its new Lean & Mean chicken range includes a Chicken Jumbo Roll (£1.25/pack) and Chicken Rolls with Sage & Onion (£1.75/pack of four) and will be available at selected Asda stores across the UK.

The rolls are made with 100% British chicken thigh, onion, garlic, nutmeg and a blend of fresh sage, parsley, rosemary and marjoram wrapped in a low-fat pastry.

The range is inspired by traditional chicken dinner, said the company.

Per 100g, its Chicken Jumbo Roll contains 5.7g saturated fat, 14.2g fat, 270 calories and 11g protein. The fat content is less when compared to its Jumbo Sausage Roll with 9.4g saturated fat, 22g fat, 354 calories and 15g protein.

One 50g Chicken Roll with Sage & Onion roll contains 3.4g of saturated fat, 8.1g of fat, 145 calories and 5.3g of protein.

“There’s currently a big gap in the market for chilled chicken pastry products and we’re incredibly excited to be launching a healthier pastry roll that is now lower in fat and packed full of flavour,” said Michael Holton, brand manager at Wall’s Pastry.

The chicken rolls have been developed by Addo Food Group, which owns the licence to Wall’s Pastry.

“Consumers deserve to have a leaner, more affordable alternative to a pork sausage roll. The chicken rolls are ideal for those wanting to reduce their red meat consumption and offer something a little different for consumers who are looking for a higher-protein product,” Holton added.

The chicken products are the second launch in the brand’s healthier snacking range, following plant-based vegan rolls, as it looks to provide on-the-go savoury pastries.

“The recipes were developed to provide health-conscious consumers with a pastry roll that delivers first on taste, contains significantly less fat and meets the rising demand for alternative proteins. The chicken thigh retains its taste and moisture, so the meat is succulent and tender, surrounded in our crispy, flaky pastry,” said Rebecca Bolt, head of innovation at Addo Food Group.

“Following the rise of flexitarianism, it is clear the ever-growing trend towards alternative proteins is here to stay – modern consumers are now increasingly more conscious of the health and environmental impact of their food.”